HONJIA supports its customers all over the world regarding coil processing and cutting lines problems. We have got an internal telephonic and informatics assistance service which guarantees to all the customers immediate answers, direct assistance, and quick service time to supply reliability and production continuity to all our customers. Deadlines become a record for the most recent installations where the modern diagnostic technology lowers the operation time and the recognition of the anomalies. As to the machine after-sales maintenance, we provide the following services:


All of the machinery have 1-year guarantee from the day installation.


After the guarantee,we just charge the basic cost or metal parts.


All of the specification and other details will be never reveal to any third companies.


HONJIA strictly complies with the ISO9001 quality control system, ISO1400 management system and CE standard of European Union. HONJIA has been a promoter of a new way of approaching the market: it is strongly committed to giving concrete answers to the Customers, paying more attention to their production process and their actual needs.


So far we have attained 7 technological patents. We take scientific & reasonable streamline production to guarantee the high-grade and high effective production revolution. Having deeply analyzed the requests and needs of every kind of Customer and market, the Technical Dpt. can now count on a modular solution program, adjustable and customizable from case to case.